Pricing & Packages

Thank you for considering having your photos taken by me. It is an honor to be on your radar. I hope that what you find below works within your budget. As you can see I am into showcasing the greatness of a moment with only the tiniest of corrections.

If by chance you do not see what you want photographed here, please do not be scared to contact me. I am happy to capture anything and everything!


Babies - Children - Families - Pets

Photos for yearly updates in your life from birthdays to family photos where up to 10 people are involved

Groups with over 10 people will be allotted a little more time and cost an additional $75



FRESH 48 - I will come to the hosptial within 48 hours of your baby's birth to document your baby's first moments in this world

Staged - Capturing the tiny cuteness in a picturesque way

Living Life - Capturing the day to day of your new life with baby


Senior pictures

Will meet you at a location of your choosing to take some memorable photos for you share with classmates. This package includes 100 senior wallet prints.



Will meet you at a location of significance to you and your fiance, or anywhere you find beautiful, to take some memorable photos, capturing your unique relationship



Will arrive two hours before the ceremony to get preparation photos, along with photos of the details that you put into decorating. All of the classic family photos of your new family. And for the reception, I will capture the first three hours of partying


Other Options


Such as Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation - Will remain through the entire service capturing any special moments. Afterwards, will take photos of the key family members.

*If you are having a party for the event which you would also like photographed, I can photograph an additional hour of the event for $25


Let me help you remember you child's coming of age celebration by documenting the ceremony and up to two hours of partying as they enter adult hood.


Will meet you at the courthouse and remain through the entire proceedings, taking pictures of all the important moments. Afterwards taking photos of the new family

Contact me for anything else that you would like photographed. I would be happy to assist you!

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